Vivo Y1s Smartphone With High-Performance Features And A Low Price

Chinese smartphone giant Vivo has recently launched its first smartphone model in the States – the Vivo Y1S. The phone has been priced at an entry level and carries the powerful Android operating system. According to Vivo, the Y1S’s key features include smart features such as QWERTY keyboard, dual SIM card slots, large memory, high-end media players, and infrared sensors. The phone runs on the powerful dual-core 1.5GHz ZenFone CPU and comes with a 5.5-inch capacitive HD display. vivo y1s

The Vivo Y1S has the capacity to connect to the internet wirelessly via a mobile Wi-Fi module. The Vivo Y1S also includes funtouch functionality which allows the device to browse the web through the Amazon mobile app. Vivo has also teamed up with Bajaj Oli to create an application that allows YY users in India to book hotels and plan their travel using the Oli gym and Oli explorer apps. The Funtouchfun application can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. The Oli Gym application helps users exercise their legs by providing information on calorie consumption, average heart rate, total workout time and the calories burned.

The camera of the vivo y1s is equipped with a high-definition camera that enables high-quality pictures. The Oli Easy Shot Plus software also enables you to edit the picture and share it through email or MMS. There is a built-in function that allows you to remove unwanted text and unwanted icons from the homescreen. This android device from Bajaj Oli also comes with a powerful barcode scanner, digital camera, USB driver, and micro SD card reader, which gives you a flexible connectivity options.

In addition to the aforementioned features of the Yomi android smartphone, it also comes with a large storage capacity of RAM and offers you a fully featured software package including an Office Suite, which includes a Word and Excel spreadsheet, Quickoffice audio recorder, and Photo Editor. The phone also comes with a high definition camera with a built-in OVI format video camera, digital optical image stabilizer, digital zoom, panoramic photos, and panasonic HD lens. The phone also comes with a large LCD screen, a touch screen, and an aluminum frame, which offers you a slim design and a sleek finish. It has a high power-efficient processor, a quad-core processor, and includes a gigabytes of memory. The Yomi software package also enables the phone to play your high definition videos, and to record up to two hundred and twenty hours of high definition videos.

The Vivo Y1S has all the high-end technology that you can expect from a modern smartphone, which includes a powerful chipset, four mega-ixels camera, microSD, and a wealth of features, such as, vibrato, image stabilization, dual zoom, panoramic pictures, and text to body ratio. The phone also has an advanced augmented reality engine, which uses the Holographic Processing Unit or HPV to digitize your screen. With a completely free Android OS and a complete package of advanced apps, the Vivo Y1S is considered the ideal handset for travelers and people on the go. Users have also reported high levels of battery life, along with high levels of durability and performance. Some users even say that the Yomi’s battery life has been so good that they were able to make it through a round trip from the airport to their hotel with a spare battery.

The Vivo Y1S price was not listed in the FCC’s online database, but it is expected to cost somewhere between the Verizon Wireless and Sprint Galaxy S Edge prices. This handset appears to be an excellent device that has all the best features that android devices need in order to compete with iPhones and Windows Phones. The price is certainly cheaper than the iPhone and comparable to other mid-budget smartphones. However, its biggest shortcoming is that it does not come with a free uxbox application or free infrared Bluetooth headset.

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